Happy Independence Day

The First New Hampshire Regiment wishes you a joyous Fourth of July from Amherst, NH.

Thank you to everyone that came out and marched with us:

Lorenzo Arredondo
Jay Bazzinotti
Craig and Larissa Fogg
Kris and Rachel King
Kitty Tyler
Art Walker
Carroll White


Memorial Day Parades

We just finished an event today in Danville, NH. The parade was cancelled because of rain, but we were able to still have a Memorial Day ceremony indoors.

Up next, we’re in Andover, MA on Monday in their Memorial Day parade. Parade starts at 10:00. Come on out and see us!

Inventory is done. Season starting up.

Hey members,
The inventory is done. We also drilled on the cannon. Did you miss it? Here’s how to catch up:

Check your email for the latest participation surveys, new event possibilities, and other news. This information is also right here on our website in our Members’ Tent section!

Lorenzo Arredondo

P.S.-Hello to all of our non-members out there. We hope to see you soon at one of our events. Check the calendar page for where we’ll be next!

The first event of 2013 is in the bag

Thanks to everyone who responded and were able to come out to Manchester. Here are some photos from today.

Members, don’t forget to turn in your 2013 membership form and dues this week to have uninterruped membership with the First NH Regiment!


There are more photos in the Photo Albums page already. Go check them out!


The site is still expanding! In the next few days we’ll launch our calendar of upcoming events and then 1NH members will get access to the Members’ Tent section of the website.


I’ve spent hours upon hours preparing this exciting upgrade. It wasn’t as easy as transferring pages and images from the old site. We’ll soon have this site ranked #1 again on all of the major search engines, instead of the old site from 2009 that was listed higher than the more recent website we had.


I’ve uploaded most of the photos from my personal collection to the photo Photo Album section of the site so now there’s more current event photos. We also have gotten more social because, in addition to our existing Facebook page, you can now follow us on Twitter or YouTube. Go check out our tweets or videos!


Start exploring and keep checking back!



Lorenzo A.

1NH Adjutant